Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The truth is out there...or is it?

Today we visited Roswell in New Mexico. I have to admit that in spite of my expectations, I was really disappointed. Perhaps it was because I had built up the town in my mind over the years – I was totally engrossed by the late 90s TV show, Roswell, and watched every episode of the X-Files – but it really was one of the biggest let-downs of any town I've ever visited. For the uninitiated of you, Roswell's greatest claim to fame is that a UFO reportedly crashed in a field near the town in 1947. While investigating officials originally reported that they'd discovered a "flying disk" at the scene, within hours they'd changed their story claiming that it was in fact a weather balloon not a UFO. This of course led to claims of a government cover-up and so until this day the mystery surrounding the Roswell "incident" continues to be debated. In my opinion, the real mystery is why anyone would ever come here. It truly is the most boring, uninteresting and lifeless town I've ever visited... I think the aliens sucked all the life out of the town when they left!

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Nomadic Matt said...

what a weird but interesting place