Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Picture of the Week: The grand view

Just so you don't think that I was totally unimpressed by the Grand Canyon, I thought I'd share this picture that I took as the sun was setting on the canyon's Southern Rim. I have to admit, it really is an awe-inspiring sight. (Mind you, I still favour Monument Valley!).
All images copyright Kim Wildman


Monna said...

Kim, it really is a grand view :-) It actually took two tries for me to see it. The first time, on a trip from Phoenix, the Canyon was filled up with fog as thick as pea soup. I was living in Mexico at the time and felt heart-broken. Several years later, DP and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. There it was! We also got to watch the sun set over the Canyon. Amazing!

Kim Wildman said...

Hey Monna, thanks for dropping by. Funny you should say that, my parent's had the exact same experince of the Grand Canyon as you did 17 years ago. They travelled all the way from Australia and saw nothing except fog and cloud - it's been the greatest joke of my family for years. (That and my sister accidentially gaining a real kangaroo as a hood ornament on her car - it's a long story!).