Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a Wild, Wild World

I'm always being asked to supply a photograph of myself for work, especially one taken "on the road" that shows that I am a travel writer. As odd as it may seem, I don't have many pictures of myself. But as a photographer I'm usually behind the lens capturing what it is that I am seeing. On the rare occasions someone has managed to take my picture they're usually not very flattering (though, this probably has more to do with the model than the person taking the picture) or the picture has cropped so close that you can't tell what I am doing let alone where I am. Short of hiring a professional photographer to accompany me on my next work trip, I decided to organise a photo shoot over the weekend. Since the photographs in essence would be "staged", I thought it would be amusing to poke fun at myself and my work. Hence, I decided to dress up as an early twentieth century traveller – complete with modern hiking boots of course!


madinghana said...

bet it won't be long before this picture is on a book jacket!

Kate said...

love it! (and looking forward to its gracing a book jacket. haha) :)

Kim Wildman said...

Thanks so much Chris and Kate... Though, will have to think about the book jacket.... Mind you, you can't see my face.