Monday, July 20, 2009

The parent trap: How to travel with your parents

Why is it there are numerous articles around that highlight the joys and challenges of travelling with children, but very few that deal with how to travel as an adult child with your parents? Hoping to fill this gap, I recently shared my best tips on how to survive travelling with your parents for a new article for MSN NZ.

The last time I remember going on a proper vacation with my parents was when I was 10 years old, packed into the back of a Holden station wagon along with my three siblings for a cross-country road trip to see our relatives. Fast forward some 30 years, I unexpectedly found myself going on a road trip across Southwest USA with my parents at the end of last year. Considering I'm much more independent and well-travelled than when I was living under their roof - and not forgetting that I now work as a full-time travel writer and so am very controlling when it comes to organising travel itineraries - it certainly made for an interesting trip. My parents and I of course had our moments (we were already arguing before we made it to our first destination!), but I can honestly say that this was one of the best trips I've ever taken.

THANK YOU Mum and Dad!

Picture: That's Mum and I trying to do our best alien impersonations in Kingman, Arizona, on Route 66.


Anonymous said...

That was so worth the read Kim!!! LOVED the picture of you and your Mum :-) ... actually still laughing about the "limitations" of the folks... too many chardies at the wine tasting???

Natasha Himmelman said...

LOL! LOVE the pic!! It's just too perfect.