Wednesday, July 6, 2011

STOP PRESS: Postcards from Cape Town Travel Writing Retreat now more affordable than ever!

Due to overwhelming demand, the Postcards from Cape Town Travel Writing Retreat is now being offered as a non-residential retreat. This means participants can stay anywhere in the city, bringing down the price down to a very affordable $600 (R4,500) per person. Participants will of course have to provide their own transport to/from Dunkley House, where we'll meet for workshops, and local restaurants.

Held from 5-9 September the retreat will take participants on a travel writing journey through the sights, sounds and scents of Cape Town. During the day we'll explore some of the city's most famous sights practising writing and researching skills learnt in workshops. Come the evenings, we’ll enjoy the tastes and flavours of the city’s best restaurants along with the company and conversation of leading travel writers, photographers, authors and editors.

If that's not enough, MSN NZ, the international media portal for the MSN Network in New Zealand, has offered to publish the best travel articles written during the course of the week on their popular Travel Bite website. So not only will you experience what it takes to be a travel writer, you might even get published! See the attached brochures for more details.

Any participants who choose to stay at Dunkley House, where workshops will be held, will be offered a 10% discount on accommodation.

If you need any more information I can be contacted on kim[at]wildwriting[dot]com[dot]au or you can visit my website.

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