Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tripbase 100 Favourite Travel Writers

I think I need to pinch myself. The very clever team behind the highly acclaimed travel website, Tripbase, have included me on their 100 Favourite Travel Writers list. I come in at No.78, so am a long way off No.1, but I'm very chuffed to be on a list that includes such great travel writing heavy hitters as Abbie Kozolchyk (No.1), Amanda Castleman (No.31), David Atkinson (No.61) and Rolf Potts (No.75).

What I love most about their tribute is the blurb they wrote about me:
Kim is a lover of adventure and this shines through whenever she puts pen to paper in order to narrate her spectacular travels. She is an advocate of solo travel and is equally as engaging when writing about canoeing the Zambezi River as when she is on a road trip through the States, though we get the feeling she is most in her element when exploring the most remote corners of the globe.
For someone who spends numerous hours locked in a study tapping away on a laptop, it's heartening to know that there are people out there who not only appreciate my work, but really get me. Thank you Tripbase!

You can see the full list of their favourite travel writers here.


madinghana said...

Never doubt that there are people out there that read your work and get you.
People carrying the new Bradt Guide to Ghana arrive all the time at Four Villages, Kumasi, saying how helpful the updated 5th edition is!

Congrats on a great mention-top 100, wow!

Kim Wildman said...

Thank you so much Chris! I am so happy that travellers are finding the new Ghana guide useful. I couldn't have done it without your support, though....Thank you!