Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a small world

Travelling on the road from Ejisu to Lake Bosumtwe in the Ashanti region of Ghana yesterday I spied this truck in front of me with a heavy load that was tied down by a large tarp. It took me a couple of seconds but I suddenly realised I recognised the writing on the tarp even though it was upside down. It said "Kate Ritchie is moving in with Merrick and Rosso, 9 am weekdays". For anyone who doesn't know, Kate Ritchie is an Australian soapie star and she quit acting last year after 20 years of playing Sally on Home and Away to join Merrick & Rosso (a Australian comic duo) in hosting the morning program on Nova FM in Sydney. Sally was a much loved character on the soap (especially since she was one of only two remaining original cast members), so Kate's decision to leave was big news in Oz.....and perhaps in Ghana too by the looks of things!


Miss Footloose said...

What fun to see that tro-tro with the Aussie news printed on it!

I hope you collect and photograph signs and billboards, the ones saying things like Holy Trinity Tailoring Shop and Perfect God Restaurant.

My dh was just in Ghana for a week on business and I wished I could have gone with him to see old friends. Instead I posted a story about one of my misadventures dealing with a repairman supposed to be fixing a problem in my house in Accra some years back... It has a photo of a great sign on it.

Have a good time in Ghana in spite of the rude restaurant/ hotel people you encountered. Sleeping on the job, well, yes it is done ;)


Miss Footloose
Tales of the Globetrotting Life

The pale observer said...

Hey Kim - great pic on this post! I found your blog through Miss Footloose and glad I stumbled upon it!

I'm a Canadian living and working in Ghana for the past 13 years.

Would love to read more about your adventures around Ghana - and would be happy to help with any info. or advice while you're here!!!

I would like to suggest a mutual link - please have a look at my blog and let me know! Cheers

Holli in Ghana

Kim Wildman said...

Hi Miss Footloose - Yes, I have been taking pictures of all the strange religious signs in Ghana (must post one up asap)!

Holli - Will definitely add a link to your blog... Where in Ghana are you based?? I'm currently in WA and heading further north tomorrow. Let me know where you are.

The pale observer said...

Hi Kim - I'm based in Accra. Am in Takoradi today though...

Katie said...

Well spotted! I do the online content for the Merrick & Rosso & Kate Ritchie show and thought the listeners might like to see it too:

Katie x

Cheryl said...

the mind just boggles. How on earth did that tarp get there?? A year in the life of tyat tarp might be an interesting one to follow :-)

Kim Wildman said...

Thanks Katie - I can't believe you stumbled across my humble post! And I'm with Cheryl, perhaps we need to track how the tarp ended up here in Ghana!!

Katie said...

I've flagged it to the brekkie team - they're on holidays at the moment but I'm sure it'll amuse them NO END when they get back on Monday! :)

Kim Wildman said...

Glad to keep them amused! Wish I had stopped the truck driver to find out where he got that banner from.