Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turned to stone: Petrified Forest National Park

At long last, I have finally handed in my update for the new Bradt travel guidebook to Tanzania and am taking a well-deserved weekend off! So before I get back to work again, I thought I'd share some more pictures and notes from my recent Southwest USA Road Trip.

Southeast of the Grand Canyon between Holbrook and Navajo in Arizona is the bizarre, yet hauntingly beautiful, Petrified Forest National Park. Just don't expect to see any lush green trees in this forest. A wonderland of spectacular desolation, it is home to the world's largest and most colourful concentrations of petrified wood. The park's appeal is heightened by the sprawling badlands of the Painted Desert, which changes hue as the sun moves across the sky. Watching the variegated lunar landscape, transform in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic pinks, reds and oranges as the sun sets really is an extraordinary sight.
All images copyright Kim Wildman


Catherine said...

Stunning photographs..looks like a really interesting place to visit

Kim Wildman said...

Thanks Catherine. Yes, the Petrified Forest was a fascinating place. Though, like all places I came across in Southwest of the US, it was really difficult to take a bad picture - the landscape there is simply superlative!

jen laceda said...

These photos were taken in the Southwestern USA? I could have sworn they were images from the Namibian desert!

Just absolutely stunning!!