Friday, March 28, 2008

Best of Blog Awards

Time for a little personal horn blowing - I've been nominated for a 2007 Best of Blog Award for the best Travel/Leisure blog!! While I am sure I don't really qualify since I only started my blog at the beginning of this year, it's nice to know that I have a fan or two out there. So, thank you!

The BoB's began in 2005 as a way to bring attention to lower profile bloggers like myself (we can't all blog for National Geographic). There's still time to get your nominations in for more than 20 different categories, but hurray, as voting begins on 14 April. For more information click here.

Speaking of web awards, nominations are now also being taken for the 2008 Travvies which celebrates the best blogs devoted to travel. For an excellent summary of what makes a great travel blog visit Heather on her Travels and read her post on what she loves in a travel blog – she even mentions yours truly (yes, I know, more horn blowing)!


Chris said...

dear kim

love your new 'where's kim?' section! i write from the car on oour way to the beach -- hooray!

take care,

Kim Wildman said...

Thanks Chrissy! I hope the house is going well. Wish I could make it back up your way there before I leave :-(

Talk to you soon.