Friday, January 18, 2008

Where's great in 2008?

With the New Year well and truly under way, it seems every website, newspaper, magazine and publisher from The New York Times to Lonely Planet has released a list of the newest, hottest and best Travel Destinations for 2008.

Instead of adding to the plethora of "it lists", I've decided it would be much more interesting to share my travel itinerary for the coming year. To date, I have two major trips planned:

Trip one: Around the world in 46 days (or thereabouts)
South Africa: A holiday just wouldn’t be a holiday for me if it didn’t include a stopover in South Africa! Considering I have averaged around five months there each year since the beginning of 2000, I suppose it's only natural that I will be back again for another week at the end of May. Look out Cape Town, here I come!

Kenya: From South Africa it is then on to Nairobi at the beginning of June for the first of two overseas weddings that I will be attending this year. With plenty of old friends on hand, I look forward to a real celebration. I also have some work to do in Kenya, so will stay for around two weeks.

London: This will only be a quick few days stopover in mid-June, but I am keen to unearth the many layers of this great city. Last time I was in London was back in the northern hemisphere winter of 2002/2003 and I left pretty quickly because I couldn’t stand the lack of sunshine, freezing cold, and continuously miserable rainy days. So hopefully this time, as I am going mid-summer, I will see the city in a whole new light.

Jamaica: I unfortunately have to go to Kingston for a conference at the beginning of July – shame! Along with my co-author, I will be presenting a paper examining Bono's (Product)Red at the 2008 ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference at the University of West Indies. I am so excited about this, as not only have I always wanted to visit Jamaica, but with Cuba just a stone’s throw away I am hoping to make a side trip there too...I wonder if Fidel is up for an interview?

USA: On the way back from Jamaica I will be making flying visits of Miami, San Francisco and LA.

Trip two: Road trip USA
For my next adventure I’m then heading back to the US in October to be bridesmaid for a very dear friend at her wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a Thelma, I thought I’d take the opportunity to drive from LA through the desert to Santa Fe stopping via Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley.

All I need now is to find a Louise.... Come to think of it, I'm much more like the hard-nosed Louise, so if anyone believes they have what it takes to be Thelma, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Look me up when you come to London.

Alexander Santillanes said...

I really want to go to Kenya...

South Africa is definitely one of my favorite countries- I was lucky enough to spend all of 2006 there, and hopefully I'll get back soon.

I'm glad to hear you'll be visiting my old home state (New Mexico). The Southwest is definitely great for a road trip- there are so many unbelievable landscapes and strange towns. I took my South African boyfriend on a roadtrip from LA to Albuquerque last May. The highlight was definitely Organ Pipe National Park, in the far south. -X

Kim Wildman said...

Hi Caitlin and Xander, thanks for stopping by.

Caitlin: I will definitely look you up when I am in London!

Xander: Nice to know another South Africa fan. Kenya will be great. I just hope a peaceful resolution can be found for the country's current problems - it really is such a beautiful place. As to New Mexico, if you have any suggestions for any "must-sees", especially anything quirky or unusual, let me know!